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Tue, 14 Jan 97 13:07:37 EST

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Anthony wrote:

> How do we persuade senior people to admit that if their family
> treated them like they treat their colleagues and subordinates, they
> might be forced to leave home?
> Do they leave 'family values' at home, believing that the
> hunter-gatherer has an open licence on the rest of the world? And
> are 'Bonus' and 'Share Option' strictly correlated with 'family
> value' anyway.

The reverse is often true too... that people actually treat colleagues
and subordinates better than they treat their own family. They let
their hair down at home, and pour out all the stresses on their own

Although some senior people may not treat collegues and subordinates
well, I hope that this is more the minority than the majority. It's
just the minority impacts so many people, that everyone hears about
these situations, rather than the mediocre, normal run of the mill
senior people!

It's like you'll tell everyone about a bad meal you eat in a
restaurant. You won't tell many (if any) about an average meal.
You'll only tell a few people about a really great meal. Same thing
with senior managers.

This touches on the 'Golden Rule' or Platinum Rule we discussed last
year on the list.
"You should treat everyone the way they want to be treated."

Can you imagine what would happen if everyone started applying the
same rules and customer service concepts both at home and at the
office -- treating others with civility and honesty. Treating others
like guests in your home. Treating people like people.

Gary Scherling
Helping people help themselves


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