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Michael McMaster wrote:

> This suggests to me a learning point regarding the attitudes (or maybe
> even "first principles") of a learning organization. That is, shifting to
> a view that is looking for what might be possible and challenging all
> constructions of "must be".

Talking about synchronicity: this is the third time within five days, that
i got a message like this. The nice thing is that in Dutch "must" is
called "moeten" and not-must can be translated into "ont-moeten". This
word "ontmoeten" means "to meet people".

2: On national television, two of our most celebrated comedians (they take
the role of vicars or dominee in this God forsaken country, but don't tell
this to any Dutchmen. I'll deny i wrote this) suggested sunday (!) that
this week we should dedicate ourselves to "ont-moeten": not-must-be and
meeting each other(!).

1: The first person who told me about this double meaning is a consultant
who works according to the principles of Tao-ism (The Road) and Chaos
Theory. And i thought i had had my portion of co-incidences.

Thanks for the incident (a rather complicated form of meeting someone,



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