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Sun, 12 Jan 1997 09:13:23

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>In the domain of learning, it seems to me that experiences tell us what
>CAN be but not what MUST be. One of the great values of dialogue like
>this list provides is that we constantly have our interpretations
>challenged both by theory and by reports of experience of others.
>Your experience suggests what is possible to me. It never tells me what
>is impossible or what must be.

Interesting ... I was meeting recently with the National Missioner for the
Church of England and we were talking about a future search I am doing
this month - when I talked about who was coming he said -

"It is interesting how expereince limits thinking *all* my experience
would tell me that you would just not get those people to commit 16 hours
of their time of 3 days to do that ..... "


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