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>but much of what has been said in this forum seems to speak of learning
>as an end in itself

I believe that it is valuable to see learning as both valuable in its own
right and as a means to an end.

Perhaps they merely follow each other and we do not actually need both.
However my experience is that we (I) have to get people, especially
managers, interested in learning so that they then begin to focus where
would be the best place to undertake learning that is in the form of a
means to an end.

In support of this notion there are a number of companies in the UK who
have made money available for people to spend on learning, any learning
for themselves {usually about #100), in the belief that this will
encourage them and make them more able to learn things that are important
or necessary to the development of the company. Examples are the Rover
group and British Aerospace.


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