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Benjamin B. Compton wrote,

> Rol observed recently that even on this list we find it difficult to find
> common values. Admittedly this is bewildering, especially since it seems
> to me that at least a majority of us value learning. But, perhaps, there
> is a certain type of check-and-balance in the diverse moral beliefs that
> exist around the world. At the same time, however, I cannot help but feel
> that this diversity also divides us and keeps us from working together
> effectively as a global community.

Well, I must admit that I am confused. I am an international student
(coming from Tunisia, a small north african country) studying in the US.
The University here (George Washington U.) has a very large international
population, maybe because they (and I) feel more comfortable being around
other "foreigners". The good thing is that there isn't a predominant
group, we therefore have students from almost everywhere in Asia, the
Middle East, some Europeans and South Americans and a few -alas- Africans
like myself. I have been of course in classes with several other
international students and I have found that I not only felt more
comfortable being around other inter. students, but I especially
appreciated the fact that I had the opportunity to interact with other
students cominf from very different backgrounds. This was especially funny
when in my group dynamics class, we were 6 students coming from 5
different countries; and we formed as a group because of mere proximity.
This diversity enabled me to be more tolerant as well as patient towards
others. It forced me to find different channels of communications and it
especially made me realize that in the end, when one really looks at the
core of it, there are no real or major differences among us. Coming from
every corner on earth, we had to find effective ways to communicate and
work TOGETHER as group and build trust as well as respect. This is
especially true in a world where distances don't mean anything anymore and
where almost anyone is just a phone call (including email) away.

Hager Ben-Mahmoud


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