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J.C. Lelie (janlelie@pi.net)
Sun, 05 Jan 1997 23:59:44 -0800

Replying to LO11640 --

Gary asked:

> But less than
> 1% of people in North America have a library card. Why? Because they
> cost too much? No ... they're free... Why? Because people don't see
> the value of information yet.
> How many people have access to the Internet, what percentage of the
> world's population?
> And how many of those are using the internet to access information,
> versus just to access games and pornography and chat rooms?
> Is the accessibility of the technology really impacting upon those
> people who wouldn't get a library card?

I do not know the figures here in Holland, libraries are still well
visited. But then, the books people read ... But the idea is clear:
information, real information, is not valued, even when available. I could
add that most people in Holland watch 'TV-soaps', real stereotypes, and/or
these TV-shows featuring other people's problems. Why?

One suggestion that comes to mind is: people do not like being helped (i
wonder why :-)). People do not want to change, do not want to learn.
Afterall change, improvement, comes from the irrational man. After
reaching a certain level of economical well-being: who cares? You only
might loose what you have.

This also blocks changes in organizations: why improve if we can exploit
this system? Why trust management? They're only here to exploit us and
help themselves. And consultants are even worse! People like being taken
care of in this way and do not want a choice in improvements.

I wonder if it might be a deep, underlying principle, operating in our
lives. What Robert Fritz (The Path of Least Resistance, Fawcett
Columbine, Nwe York (1989)) calls: the Reactive-Response Orientation:
staying in the Area of Tolerable Conflict. Avoiding to make true choices,
for which you need ... information.

Might be a bit far-out, but a good starting point for a feasibility study.
Is this of any help?

Jan Lelie


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