Ohmae's Key success factors LO11650

Adrian Szumski (adrians@it.com.pl)
Fri, 03 Jan 1997 22:45:27 +0100


I would like to ask You for help on some strategic issue.
I am working on concept from "The Mind of Strategist" K. Ohmae
called key success factors.
How You understand that concept?
Is it some factors that allow company to survive (like Ohmae wrote)
or rather factors that make company leader on market (like other autors
In my opinion this two ways of understanding that are very diffrent.
Other things makes company survive, and other makes them leaders.
Maybe leaders don't have to keep factors of survive and can concetrate
on success factors?
Please send suggestions on understanding that concept or idea how to
indentify that success factors to list or if that subject is not
interesting to my address adrians@it.com.pl.

Thank You for every answer
Adrian Szumski


Adrian Szumski <adrians@it.com.pl>

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