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Diana Mordock (104022.36@CompuServe.COM)
30 Dec 96 23:37:53 EST

Replying to LO11584 --

I am so glad that I inspired Rol to share his world travels and experience
with the explosion of technology worldwide.

As always, I grow from reading these posts and am very glad to know that
more people than I knew of are being exposed to information and knowledge
in distant parts of the world. I still have a strong aversion to the
McDonald's thing because it plasticizes(?) and materializes life.
Homogeneous is a great word for it. I know that this is part of life
today and "mass" everything is with us to stay but with more and more
generations only exposed to this way of life, but less and less are there
examples of individual imagination and creativity from other countries.
Reading. Anyone remember how the best pictures are ones created by your
mind when you read? Remember seeing a movie based on your favorite book
and being disappointed because your imagination was far superior to what
was on the screen?

I agree that discussion must be on-going and prominant about the blending
of technology and the global culture. I think that I would stand up and
cheer if other countries had the power to infuse their genius and
uniqueness as globally as Americans and other powerful, mega giants in
technologically advanced societies have. I know this has to do with
powerful multi-national business, their reach, ad budgets, buying power,
overseas factories, outlets etc. But "wouldn't it be loverly" if I could
have access to some far off African cultural experience to enrich mine
here in California?

As a New Yorker brought up in Manhattan but living in Calfornia for too
many years, I miss diversity, cultural exchange, difference and different
perspectives. I would love to see it all around me. Yes, the Internet
gives me access to those cultures at the push of a button but I don't know
if that will create a more diverse non-cyber community here.

Anyway, sorry for babbling but I just want all of you to know that I hope
that we can be a powerful group to help blend the best of technology and
culture and values and seize the future while holding onto the best of the
past. Our job is to help balance the greater society.

I will be out of town until 1/5, so if anyone continues this thread, I
would appreciate them forwarding their message directly to me.

Happy New Year. This group is spectacular and I am proud to be a part of


Diana Mordock
"Stop, look and listen."


Diana Mordock <104022.36@CompuServe.COM>

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