Self Mastery LO11575

William J. Hobler, Jr (
Fri, 27 Dec 1996 16:11:29 -0500

I start my second year on this list gratefully and suggest that it is a
study in self mastery.

I am a sometimes active learner, that is I contribute to the dialog.
Other times I am a passive learner, that is I quietly read. Most all
times I quietly wonder how Rich Karash so deftly facilitates the dialog
maintaining the level of sharing and the civilized atmosphere here.

There are participants who are passionate about a thread, even so they
share their passion humanely. There are participants who are opinionated,
yet honor and celebrate other's opinions.

I would ask everyone of you to pat yourself on your back for this level of
self mastery.

Please join me in applauding Rich -- he helped this list to be a place in
which diverse thoughts can be shared and be honored. Three cheers for our
friend Rich.

[Host's Note: Thank you, Bill. I take enormous pleasure when people
report that they find value in our dialogue here. The bulk of the credit
goes to those writing our messages. Thank you, all! ...Rick]


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