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Diana Mordock wrote:
> I suppose I have other concerns about technology, even though I thank
> myself daily for getting wired and finding this group. I suppose I have a
> concern for the widening gap between "them that have" and "them that
> don't."

Diana, you are not alone. I share your concern. And so does Larry Irving,
Assistant Secretary of Commerce. On September 14, 1994, Mr. Irving spoke
to the Congressional Black Caucus about the need to ensure that the
"information superhighway" is made accessible to people who are
economically disadvantaged and people with disabilities.

The Sixth Annual World Wide Web Conference, which will be held at Stanford
University in April, will focus on the theme of "accessibility" this year.
A subcommittee, with which I am involved, is actively working on the issue
of accessibility for people with disabilities, and others are focusing on
the economic aspect of access.

While these developments are encouraging, we must not let up. If you are
genuinely concerned about this issue, please write to your representatives
in Congress and let them know. It wouldn't hurt to write a letter to your
local newspaper, too.

Robert Ingram
Ingram Communications


Robert Ingram <ingram_b@ix.netcom.com>

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