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Fri, 20 Dec 1996 15:04:00 +0200

A recent discussion amongst adult education curriculum developers and
trainers highlighted the fact that the most valuable understanding of
concepts, research and development of successful teaching, training,
learning models, experiences that lead to development and growth in the
area of imparting knowledge, lies in the heads of outstanding
practitioners. The feeling was that this chunk of valuable educational
expertise should be captured electronically or in hard copy and offered
for public use. This ties in with your question at the end of Joe's
Jottings 11/27/1996 where you ask the question: " create processes
that will help good teachers be great and help great ones have influence
beyond the walls of their classrooms?" Also: "What can we do to create
processes that enable life-long learning within ourselves?" And my
response would be that sharing your ideas in the way that you do, is a
form of capturing the chunk of valuable educational expertise captured in
the heads and experiences of practitioners and putting it out there as a
resource for the public or as a discussion point for the public to

I would like to further respond to your Jottings by adding a little bit of
the experience in sustainable learning that is lodged in my head. With
regard to the BIT technique, I have found that explore with explain in
brackets, exercise and evaluate gives sustainable learning results. In
Shulman=C9s model I would place relevant outcomes at the very top of the
list before continuing to activity and the rest of the list. Each one
teach one is another valuable way of ensuring that the collaboration and
community aspects of the model comes to full effect. As you say we are
all singing from the same hymnal but it is great to download some of the
learning we glean from exploration and experience.

Seasons greetings

Beaty Koopman



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