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Hello, Denham. Nice to meet you away from Electric Minds.

> What interfaces have worked for you or your group, how do you
> brainstorm, build and nurture cognitive prototypes, sell abstract
> concepts, gain converts or evangalize?
> Perhaps you can help to identify people who are involved with these
> questions or know of sites where other discussions are underway?

If I was forced to confine myself to one domain for this it would be the
WELL, hands-down. Alas, they have no Toronto branch for local access.

With respect to your first question, I suspect that aside from groupware
gurus like Ben Compton of Novell, the answer in most cases would be
"talking to people face-to-face." That's actually not a bad answer.

I think you'll find that aside from that first question, most of the
topics on this list revolve around the rest of your queries. The
evangelism topic would make a great thread of its own, though. Perhaps
we should start that in the new year.

> At a personal level I use Inspiration for bootstrapping concepts, Expert
> Choice for comparing relationships and HyperWriter for building links
> and documenting how my concepts change with time.

OK, this is very interesting. Perhaps you could go into a bit more
detail on the "hows" involved here. Unlike EM, there are a lot of fairly
non-technical people here but they are open to neat new tools if you can
explain specifically how they're used to make a difference.

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