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I would like to introduce myself. My name is Takeshi Fukushima. I am a
second-year graduate student at the department of Industrial and
Management Systems Engineering, Waseda University, Tokyo, Japan. My major
is Operations Research and now I am trying to develop a mathematical model
for comparing the performance of organization structures, mainly
concerning the transmission and processing information.

Many people are talking about the appropriate organization structure. For
example, companies which have hierarchical structures can't catch up with
the radical change in markets and we need so-called "the networked
organization" in the near future, because of wide use of information
network such as Intranet or Internet, or how does the use of computer
network affect the organizational learning.

I think there are some relationships between organizational forms and
environmental demands. I want to define such relationships using
mathematics or game theory.

At this moment I am looking for mathematical madels of organization
structure or learning organization that have been developed in the recent
past so as to get guide lines and not to reinvent the wheel. I would
appreciate examples of models and any other advice.

Best regards,
Takeshi Fukushima

Takeshi Fukushima
Department of Industrial & Management Systems Engineering
Graduate School of Science & Engineering, Waseda University
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