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I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself. I am a
associate with the Institute of Cultural Affairs (ICA) in Taipei, Taiwan.
My primary activity is facilitating organizational change programs for
multinational and local companies and leading facilitation and leadership
training programs. I also sponsor The Facilitators Forum which meets
monthly to discuss/practise facilitation. Also, ICA has an active
research program in community building and sponsor the FCE Community
Building Workshop in Taiwan.

I first learned about the Learning Organisation concept when Peter Senge
published "The Fifth Discipline." This book was translated into Chinese
two years ago and "The Fieldbook" was translated last year. There has
been a great deal of interest in both of these books whith local managers
buying hundreds of copies for their employees to read and a variety of
lecture series. The challenge has been that while they like the concept,
local companies are struggling on how to create/practise being a learning
organization. The control orientation of management and a school system
which emphasizes rote learning and respect for teachers makes it difficult
for people to envision alternative ways of operating, such as action

I will be using the Learning-Organization list to learn more about current
thinking about learning organizations and to focus my understanding about
what is happening locally in Taiwan. I look forward to the dialogue and
welcome your insights.

Mark Pixley

5F, #12, Lane 5, Tien Mou West Rd, Taipei, Taiwan, ROC
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