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16 Dec 1996 08:31:19 -0500

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I'll can't imagine a way to ensure that 100% of the time each and every =
individual in an organization will have ideas that "fit" into the overall =
scheme of things. In fact, out-of-the-box contributors may actually =
behave in ways which initially appear contrary to given values, but which =
are positively ground-breaking.

Some organizations I know, like my own, uses the system of corporate =
strategic goal-setting, refereed to as Hoshin by some. The goals are set =
by the organizational leaders. These goals are then cascaded down =
through the organization, so that in an annual cycle every individual =
understands how work at any level must be linked to the overall goals.

This linkage has grown more intense and necessary in some organizations. =
For them, working means essentially one thing: generate products and =
services to sell which meet or exceed customer requirements for price, =
functionality and delivery. These qualities generate paychecks. Everythi=
ng else follows, or is an elaboration.

If an organization annually cascades the goals downward to a point where =
department lead people, supervisors and managers discuss how each =
employee's contribution supports and enhances the fundamentals, then the o=
rganization may ensure as best it can the desired alignment for success.

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Barry Mallis

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