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Barry Mallis (bmallis@smtp.markem.com)
12 Dec 1996 19:53:50 -0500

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I have always had an interpretation of the "lonely at the top" thing =
which seems to differ from that implied in your observations:

You wrote:

"It has been said that it is lonely at the top. Leaders are not lonely.
They are, in fact, very popular."

I disagree in essence with your thought. Leaders in organizations are =
often lonely in the sense that they have less opportunity to reflect on =
an equal level within hierarchies (often of their own provenance) with =
other people. Other people don't bring them "the news" unfiltered, =
unobscured by prestige, fear, ambition, authority and responsibility.

Despite this loneliness, popularity may not suffer at all. Irony of =

May I recommend to us all a wonderfully quick read (about 3 minutes) in =
the form a a children's book called "King Bounce the First".

Best regards,

Barry Mallis

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