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Patria Frame asks,

For those of you with more experience than I of team-based orgs: I am new
to this list. I am working with a client which went thru re-engineering
(with the gurus of it) nearly 2 years ago - they are all in process teams
with 360 feedback, etc. No one was let go in the change. But one of
their concerns is the tremendous time it takes to get work done due to the
constant stream of meetings. Most are now working longer hours to
compensate for this. Does this ever get better? They had assumed it
would as they developed and had more experience but are not seeing this
Thanks for any info

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What is the cause of the meetings? It may be that the process is too
poorly understood or managed, or it may be that there is not a good
decision-making mechanism, or it may be that the team is at the wrong
level. It may well be that the teams are in place, but the process is
still not repeatable and sustainable.

I think the way to get at this question is to determine exactly what the
outcomes of these meetings are.


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