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Scott Simmerman wrote:

> My discovery is that a LOT of people don't like the "rigorous"
> competition that occurs in most organizations and that produces much of
> dysfunctional behavior that actually suboptimizes results and "Dilberts
> Things".

Could we try to define what is a healthy competition?

Maybe it is a competition based on a deeper cooperation, as in sports
competition--or, at least, as they should be...

The idea is that the parts engaged in a competition are really stimulating
themselves to overcome their own performance levels. They are competing
with themselves, with what they did in the past: "I can do better than I
did before".

Another positive idea in competition is to find one's place: in the
market, in hierarchy, in professional activity, in society, etc. When
somebody find's "his" place he can reach his best performance. "His" here
does not mean property, of course, but the environment where the best
performance is reached, for the individual or organization.

The negative side of competition is that you don't even need to perform as
well as your competitors, if you can destroy them.


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