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I permitted myself to change the subjectline into Arts in LO to avoid
Confusion with the Symbiosis thread

>I am willing to use some time and some MB's on my internet-site to make
>facts, concepts, examples of art-exercises -like in the Fieldbook-
>available to us. (Of course it would IMO be the best solution to add a
>page like this to the LO-Homepage, but I'm quite shure that Richard has
>enough on his hands as it is... Isn't it Richard?). But perhaps we first
>discuss the question whether this is an LO matter or not?
>[Host's Note: Hello Winfried! Yes, I have plenty on my hands, but if you
>or anyone else is willing to create pages of this type, I will happily
>install them on the LO site, or put them on your site and send a msg to
>the LO list with a URL. ...Rick]

Hi Rick!

I'll happily create pages with all the HTML-editing that is required and
put them on my site. Any contributors can send there contributions to me
by E-mail. Send it as HTML-source text or as plain 'text' in the body of
an E-mailmessage. Sending contributions as 'source'text allows the
contributor to create his own Lay out. I haven't figured out yet what kind
of 'cross-platform' format is needed to send pictures, drawings etc. I
receive all electronic mail with my Apple MacIntosh. Anyone any idea's?

[Host's Note: I hesitated in distributing this because I worry about
burying Winfried in art and graphics. So, let's send a couple of art
pieces that really catch the character of the learning organization. The
right file formats for graphics on the web on any platform are .jpg and
.gif, and as I've mentioned a couple of times, you can put a message on
the LO web site with a black and white graphic. Just fax me the graphic
ahead of time and I'll give you further instructions. Fax on fine mode to
617-523-3839. ...Rick]


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