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In response to Ben Compton and others:

I wanted to comment on the "life-changing" aspects of the internet. I
have only been on the internet for a short 8 months and wish that I had
been on much longer because of the incredible learning that I have been
able to experience and for the connections with people. With regards to
connections, my 20-year high school reunion was this year. Many of my
classmates who attended the reunion have internet addresses. As a result
of a number of us exchanging e-mail addresses, one enterprising member set
up a web page with all of the e-mail addresses he could obtain from a
number of graduating classes. It has been personally rewarding to stay in
touch with people, some of whom I'd lost track of for almost 20 years. In
fact, a group of us that were particularly close in high school arranged
and planned a get together recently in Gainesville, Florida (where many of
us went to college) all via our e-mail communications. I have also met
individuals with whom I may work professionally here in the Dallas area on
the internet. I don't believe I would have met these individuals under
other cirumstances. I really think the internet can provide an adventure,
learning or connection based on what you are looking for. I am aware that
there are integrity issues with some who use the internet, but a certain
amount of care can mitigate those concerns. Professionally, because many
local goverment managers continuosly share information (we are not in
competition with each other in the same sense as the private sector), the
internet has been a great resource for staying in touch with colleagues
and getting new information more rapidly.

Debbie Broome


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