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Debbie Broome (debbieb@linux.plano.gov)
Wed, 11 Dec 1996 13:12:39 -0600

Replying to LO11318 --

Responding to Ben Compton's and Michael McMaster's comments on Leadership,
I am now reading an excellent book by Joseph Jaworski entitled
"Synchronicity, The Inner Path of Leadership." The introduction is by
Peter Senge. I have only started the book but the first couple of pages
grabbed with ideas (built upon Greenleaf's work) that "leadership is
ground in a state of being, not doing." and "my capacity as a leader comes
from my choice to allow life to unfold through me." Michael, your
thoughts ressonate with ideas suggested in this book. I heartly recommend
this, I can't put it down.


Debbie Broome <debbieb@linux.plano.gov>

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