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Mark stated in LO11354--

>For example a question arises with mission/vision statements & other such
>projections as I play with the possibility that an organisation is in fact
>a primitive living system with at least the possibility of a "mind of its
>own". Currently various stakeholder groups feel at liberty to seek to
>impose their views onto "their" organisation. The thinking about inclusive
>processes does not yet appear to take seriously the possibility that we
>might refer to intelligence of the whole itself.

You have made me think about organizational culture and that we move to
areas such as reward systems, decision making, etc -- as a way of working
with Culture. But doesn't organizational culture really confirm the
existance of there being an intelligence despite the stakeholder groups
imposing their views? > >If one current leap in evolutionary terms is from
individual human to >collective forms of consciousness then will the
moment arrive when the >organisation itself is able to consciously
conceive its own possibilities. >What will this mean for the people who
are themselves integral parts (for >some of the time) of the organisation?
What will it mean for the >potential of the organisation relative to other
stakeholders such as >shareholders and customers? How will such forms of
being relate to the >ecology in which they find themselves? Where will
they be on the >evolutionary scale in terms of intelligence? What
conditions will be most >conducive to the emergence of such levels of
being and what will be the >signs of their emergence into actuality? > >A
flood of questions seems to spill out of this possibility.

I really like all of these questions. In fact , you made me think of Bohm
who spoke about thought as being active in the world. He talked about the
fact that we believe if we have a thought it just disapears yet it is made
up of energy -- and sometimes that energy is very powerful. There is an
Hawaian spiritual system which a friend of mine works with which talks
about different levels of being. One of the things I find most
fascinating is the belief that we create thought forms which attach to us.
If a group of people has a dominant thought form then all members carry
that with them wherever they go. So for example, people in cults are many
times very caught up in these thought forms. SO there is some
evidence(not in the hard core sense of the word!) that what you are
talking about does exist today but we are creating these thought forms
unconsciously. Which leads me back to Bohm who was saying the same thing
-- that our thoughts have created the world we live in... We just need to
be a bit more aware, mature, whatever -- in our thoughts. > >The
underlying spring seems to rise from trust that a level of >intelligence
far greater than human intelligence is at work in life and >that it will
be for the best to attempt to cooperate with this >intelligence in
whatever ways I can, without in any way abandoning >responsability for my

Perhaps your choices are what the intelligence at work wants and

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