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Wed, 11 Dec 1996 11:46:54 +0000

Hello everyone,

As I mention in another post, I'm asking for help [in the past I've found
it easier to give it] on a piece of work.

I can't give details for reasons of confidentiality, but I am meeting with
a local authority Chief Executive in a few days time, to look at using
some of my ideas/methods to support/enable 'culture change'. The Chief
Executive wanted me to meet with the senior management team; I requested a
preliminary meeting before meeting the team.

I'm nervous about 'starting'; does anyone have any advice? I'm aware that
attractors will form/make themselves known very soon, and that [contrary
to a lot of consultant's practice], history is important. I also want to
be true to my principles, but not rigid, and practice trust and work to
expand possibilities. I may also need some tools, not analytical ones
[I'm not into analysis] but maybe tools to help people check out where
they are, where they could be. [I'm thinking of things like forcefield
analysis, which is simple and open rather than [say] the MMPI.]

I'm in danger of rambling, so I'll stop. You get the picture. I hope my
'question' is interesting to at least some of you. I look forward to your
suggestions, including suggestions as to the appropriate questions to ask.

Many thanks

Best wishes

Arthur Battram


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