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Responding to LO11321

Bob Tomasko asks "does anyone know of instances where a company's strategy
deliberately/explicitly included the objective of strengthening its

Recently I was involved with a pharmaceutical company that funded a
national independent group which is working to bring more patients with
hyperlipidemia (high cholesterol) under treatment and control through
well-monitored drug therapy. In doing so the company is clearly helping
its competitors but, by increasing the total number of patients under
treatment, they are increasing their sales and profits. I don't know if
this is a good example of what Bob had in mind, but surely the company was
aware of the effects on its competition. It would be interesting (and no
doubt profitable for all) to see all the companies marketing these
products get together in funding an even greater effort by this
independent group. The result would be beneficial to all - especially the
people receiving the care. products

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