Music, whole systems, whole self LO11302
Fri, 6 Dec 1996 11:14:23 -0500

That depression tag line was stopping me for a while, so I took some

We have heard in this conversation what the hearing of music does for
people. I always think of what singing provides for the singer and what
parallels there are for creating similar experiences in a workplace. I
love singing because it pulls my whole self....mental, physical, emotional
and spiritual ...into one thing. How often do we create /allow for such
experiences at work?

I have worked with an organization that begins their staff meetings with a
verse, usually spiritual in nature, often from great literature. . They
end their meetings with a song...often 'rounds' that swell and recede, and
create harmonies. When these folks are 'on', it is a wonderful thing to

It sure beats being surrounded by coffee cups that say : 'I live for the

Fran Alexander


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