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On Wed, 4 Dec 1996 "William J. Hobler, Jr" <>

> I would rather turn the development of the internet to the same kind of
> community that built the first one. People who wanted to work together in
> an almost altruistic community. Some of them were not democrats, some of
> them exhibited anarchistic behavior. They collaborated where they found
> need to collaborate to attain mutual goals. In fact the money came from
> American taxes but the government pretty much stayed out of the way. It
> was not a democratic effort or even a federalistic effort -- we let a
> collaborative community do it's thing.

The important lesson of our times is the need to build alternative
institutional forms that best advance an ethic of shared values.
Internet I, was a superb demonstration of alternative institution
building, which was one of the great success stories of our times.
We should build on that success and not regress to proven failures
for civilization, the growing symptoms of which are plain to see
all around this emerging electronic media now being governed by
narrow opportunism.

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