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Ben writes,

Some of my friends fault me for how freely I share information and
knowledge (especially stuff I come up with on my own). But I can't tell
you how many times I've had a conversation with someone -- perhaps a
complete stranger sitting in an airport lobby, or on a subway somewhere --
about ideas bouncing around in my head, only to find the conversation led
to new insights for both of us. It is from this "fresh perspective," that
I often make significant jumps in my thinking.

--- end quote ---

I, also,find this to be true over and over.

I very much agree with Rick's comment that this is an interesting thread,
idea which is worthy of pursuit.

He comments that there are differences between a major R&D programme and
models, ideas, techniques for helping people.

It seems to me that it is not that simple. What is simpler is my attitude
to sharing as Ben describes. I have developed a number of products and
sometimes sought to sell them. I have normally ended up giving them away
because they proved of more worth generating clients than money on their
own. By others seeing them it helps me move my own thinking forwards as I
get creations and comments. It has lead me to conclude that I am more
interested in helping people and by helping people they help me (by
offering me more work, as in Roxanne's message) than in selling products
as a way of earning as living.

However, if I was setting out to create products to make money I can
imagine that I might have a very different view.

I shall watch this thread with great interest.

Ian Saunders
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