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> Through this lens I saw those I worked with as a means to an end. I was
> careful not to abuse those relationships, but I also steered clear of
> making them too intimate. But my attitude is changing. I now see both
> relationships as very similar, especially since I can't always choose who
> I'm going to work with the same as I couldn't choose my siblings.
> I love going to work just because of the relationships I have there. My
> friends are my colleagues, and the relationships have become very
> rewarding. I think, at some levels, the relationships I have are mutually
> symbiotic. What a rewarding experience!

This is a beautiful illustration of the change from a 'society' to a
'community' relationship. Martin Buber says that humanity emerges in
community, thus a happy life can only happen in community. I have an
impression that Peter Senge is putting more emphasis on the community
aspect of LO in his latest writings and speeches. Maybe this is the most
important aspect of LO!


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