Depression: an obstacle to learning LO11256

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Wed, 4 Dec 1996 00:07:43 -0500

Replying to LO11235 --

Julie Beedon comments:>Replying to LO11218 --

>Seems to me that dancing could be seen to have been used in many ways over
>the years for communication and learning. Peoples have told stories in
>dance and used combinations of music and dance to enter into new 'states'
>of thought etc..
>Music also is a language without words which can express many emotions and
>help us in communication etc..

...and then asks:

>So, Jack, whilst I might have advocated language prior to this morning I
>think I just caught a glimpe of what you are talking about .... am I on
>the right track??

I think so.

What is happening when you "sing along" with a musical performance? How
does the kinesthesis of dancing evoke the internal swirl of feelings that
most people experience? How can we use these experiences to empty our
minds and enter the present? Of what earthly use is all this?

No film at 11.


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