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Benjamin wrote
> Before the Web, the Internet was used largely by researchers and a few
> people who had a flair for computer technology. Most people on the Web,
> today, would be confused by a Gopher site or would be lost when it comes[snip]
> I think this is significant, because it wasn't business that gave the
> Internet it's rise to power. It was a change in technology, that allowed
> the Internet to become much more useful and user-friendly. It will be
> interesting to see what tecnology drives the Internet in the future.
> Perhaps voice recognition? I don't know.

I feel that, whilst the observation of facts is accurate, the deduction is
faulty. IMO, the change is technology was driven by people (eg system &
software developers and their marketing associates) who saw the potential
for commercialisation, business involvement, and...yes, profits. If not
for this, we'd still be gophering around. I feel that it /was/ business
that gave the Net its rise to power, or at least, that it was business
which impelled the rise.

> From: Vigdor S./ Date: Sat, 30 Nov /Subject: Symbiosis in LOs LO11207

> Let's see, dear colleague, what is most suitable. In this great nation
> under our Constitutional presumptions, "all power is derived from the

Vigdor ...which of the many great nations which people on this list are
from or reside in, are you refering to, mate?!

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