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jack hirschfeld wrote:
> Julian Macnamara quotes my comment:
> >Jack notes that:
> >
> >>Some of us have learned through observation, contemplation and practice
> >>that if you don't bob your head and do your dance you might get a kernal
> >>of corn when you peck, but it won't be the same as if you had.
> ...and then asks:
> >
> >Jack, this is an interesting observation. I wonder if you could develop this
> >theme a little bit more?
> Julian, I'm not so sure I can "develop" this theme in a way that would fit
> into our ongoing conversation here. The basic idea is simple: Some
> components of knowledge (I would contend the most critical components,
> which make it "knowledge") cannot be expressed, in my opinion, in words.
> (huge snip)
> While it's true that no two people can observe the same
> event/phenomenon/artifact in exactly the same way, a state exists (here
> language is an enabler) of agreed observation. Unfortunately, although I
> can tell you that another state exists in which I also see the same thing
> ENTIRELY DIFFERENTLY as a consequence of some practices I have use to work
> on my consciousness, there is no way I can tell you what it is I see, or
> how I got there. I can only say, try such-and-such a practice ("the Tao
> which can be spoken is not the Tao").

Jack, I think I confirm your comments when I say, I don't think you and I
have enough common experience for me to say I agree with you. It seems to
make sense, but I'm not sure your meaning was the same as my

What Jack's comments do lift up for me is a pattern of behavior familiar
to those who work in change and TQM, etc. It seems that people get
excited when others discover some breakthroughs and they want to leverage
those same gains elsewhere. To the extent that those other
places/units/department/etc. are extremely similar, it may make sense to
implement broadly. However, as most organizations do not have many
extremely similar units, leveraging the learnings (sometimes called
'replication') generally means going through the same discovery PROCESS...

... GRASHOPPER, recognizing wisdom and experience in GRANDFATHER, asks GF
how to negotiate life's difficulties...
... "Grandfather, how do I... ?"
... "Grasshopper, the answer lies within you. I can give you the questions,
but you must answer them yourself... "


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