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Mon, 2 Dec 1996 11:18:12 GMT+2

Sherri Malouf wrote in LO11149

> I would love to be a part of *going deeper*. I don't think I am
> intimidated by the complexity of thinking sometimes required to be a part
> of it. What I find difficult is that my life has taken me in certain
> directions with a particular emphasis. I may not be able to respond
> simply because I have not tread your path. I don't mind asking questions
> or reading background materials to enable me to get closer to your path.
> Why not try using this forum to experiment with going deeper but give
> folks a weeks notice or so to prepare by reading whatever would be
> recommended?

In these words I recognise the true spirit of a person committed to the
functioning of LOs. It is such a wonderful description that I may very wll
use it as the personalised definition of an LO.

Sherri points to two very important truths:
* all creations (including learning creations) takes time to get
completed. The more complex the creation, the more its creation
* the often dissimilar nature of the contributing creations and
the dissimilar nature of the emerging creation.

All the members of an LO have to share their individual knowledges in
order for a collective knowledge to emerge. I find Sherri's proposal (to
give some notice in advance in order to allow for preparation time)
sensible. Let us try it out to see if it works.

> I would ask those involved to put a banner at the top of every
> contribution stating the topic, its purpose, background reading, etc.

Who will try it first?

Best wishes


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