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Does the internet improve or decrease equity in our society?
Will internet communication be used productively or as a toy?
Is electronic "learning" somehow different than directly mediated
Will it result in freer exchange of information or freer exchange of
Will it result in greater exchange or less as people hoard
information, and become more concerned with security?
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This weekend I found, stashed in my wife's closet, a book she bought me
for Christmas, "The City of Bits," by William J. Mitchell, a professor at
MIT. I was able to sneak it out of the room and into my study. I had the
first 100 pages read, when my wife came upon me, much to my chagrin!

Anyway, I think it is one of the most insightful books I've read about the
impact the Internet -- and computer/communications technology -- is, and
may, have on our society. I highly recommend it to anyone interesting this

Benjamin B. Compton

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