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Barry Mallis (bmallis@mail.markem.com)
28 Sep 1996 12:20:12 U

Reply to: RE>Speed. Change. Time. LO10210

When I speak to employees in training situations about why they come to
work, I say that we have a company to come to because we make products and
provide services which reflect our customer needs, and we give them to our
customers at a fair price, putting our best efforts into it. Everything
else is subservient to this basic fact of busioness life. We do lots of
things, of course, to make this process as humanizing as it can be.

My simple comments reflect our company's "policy" which hangs on walls
everywhere in the organization:

"Each person who works at MARKEM Corporation is committed to delighting
all customers by providing TOTAL VALUE.
Total Value consists of:
- products that meet customer requirements in every respect
- service that meets or exceeds customers' every expectation, and
- exceptionally high quality relationships with our customers, each
other, and our suppliers through involvement in the process of continuous

None of this is rocket science, nothing startling or new. I look at it as
a back-to-basics statement. Now, let us on this list continue to define
the "basics."

For what it's worth,

Barry Mallis

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