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Arthur Battram (apb@cityplex.demon.co.uk)
Fri, 27 Sep 1996 14:15:41 +0100

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replying to Benjamin Compton <bcompton@geocities.com>on Wed, 25 Sep 1996

this is reply number 2, ben said :

>Earlier this week, in a management training seminar, I used this example
>in a break-out session. Whew! I'm still pulling the knives out of my
>chest! People went nuts on me. "If organizations don't exist to make
>money, then what the hell do they exist for"? one participant screamed.
>No one in the group would even entertain the idea. Stodgy farts!

>Interestingly enough, that one comment caused those in my group to
>dismiss every comment I made after that. My influence was shot for the
>rest of the day.

this has happened to me in similar ways. to state the general issue as I
see it:

1. I have a revelation
2. it is/can be related to work, I feel/think
3. an opportunity to share it comes up
4. so I do
5. I get a reaction which I perceive as resistant/negative, and /or is
those things

OK for me it wasnt about how I presented it, or if it was that's not my
focus here, my present focus it to think ASIF it was them, and
specifically something in their 'autopoiesis' that is triggered by
statements like ben's, which are deeply personal, and deep, and

sorry but I don't have an answer! AND I want to explore this! any ideas
ben? or anyone else out there?...

is my points 1-5 accurate?
anyone else shared this sort of expereience?

and to ask a Michael McMaster type question, :
"if we look at influence, what would influence be/become from a complexity
viewpoint, both in terms of an 'interesting, plausible new description'
and the implications for action around influencing others? " [sorry- I
know that's a compressed sentence, I can unpack it somemore if its totally


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