Wheatley Dialogue LO10214

Shailendra Kumar (SK@anand.nddb.ernet.in)
Sat, 28 Sep 1996 10:45:50 +0530

Replying to LO10200 --

..... She says
that the way to do this is through relationship, identity, and strength.
Organizations are causing us to lose our identity -- and they are losing
their identities. Loss of identity creates fear... ........ ....

When one identifies with the spirit , merges with the spirit
there is only one . Objects and persons appear only due
to a perception of duality and therefore a need for identity.
Fear and loss of true identity is also due to a sense of
seperation from the spirit. One needs to know one's true nature
and relationship with the spirit which pervades and pulsates in
all what one sees, hears or feels directly or intuitevily. A
spiritual base for relationships at the family, society and
organisational levels provide strength. It may take many life
times to understand the true nature of oneself. But is'nt life
all about to find a meaning.




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