Culture of Intrinsic Motivation LO10203

Alberto Fernandez Garza (
Thu, 26 Sep 1996 17:04:02 -0600

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A Mexican philosopher once said that man will kill others for money, but
he will risk his life only for an ideal... The translation does not come
out as beautiful as the original, but the message is there. What moves a
person is really inside himself, in his value system and his ideals, in
his goals in life. I have not found a way to modify these in others, the
changes are accompished through a process of interaction that changes both
my set of values and those of the people arround me. Extrinsic rewards can
move persons in certain directions that we want, but major transformations
are something else. The whole thing boils down what is required, a new
behavior of an organization and a new culture or perhaps selling more
vacum cleaners.

-- (Alberto Fernandez Garza)

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