Dialogue expt here LO10186

Alan Mossman (100733.3202@CompuServe.COM)
26 Sep 96 10:23:39 EDT

After reading Sherri Malouf's proposal LO10141 (Hi Sherri, long time) I
was struck by the tension she created by not naming the topic.

I was left wanting a dialogue on _dialogue_ and (maybe) on _dialogue by

Like Jack Hirschfeld LO10161, I too am curious about Rick's experience and
insights - on the other hand I know that I learn some things best
experientially - I think this may be one of them. Dialogue is a form, not
a formula. I know I have a tendency to try to formularise my responses in
contexts like this.

I am still thinking about phuoc-chau nguyen's contribution LO10166. There
is a lot of meat in it.

I'd like to join the dialogue.



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