Individual vs. Group Rewards LO10176

Rol Fessenden (76234.3636@CompuServe.COM)
25 Sep 96 23:35:46 EDT

Replying to LO10157 --

Jeff asks some important questions about the issue of shared rewards.

I have some general questions about your approach
1) How do individuals cope with being placed on a "bad" team?
2) How does a team cope with a "bad" individual?
3) Do all the individuals on a team get the same "team" performance feedback?

Of course, the same questions can apply to departments.

If individuals are going to be rated on the basis of other people's
performance (e.g., through the team and department ratings, I think there
ought to be some level of control that the individual can exert on those
others. This might consist of determining the members of the team or
department, or determining the relative feedback given to individuals
within the team or department.

== end quote ==

There are a number of interesting possibilities here. In most (all)
organizations there are some departments whose performance is dependent on
the performance of those "upstream" of them. Thus an inventory buyer
cannot buy anything unless the product is fully developed by the product
development department.

One approach might be to have the product developer's rating depend in
part on the success of the inventory buyer's performance. Since the
inventory buyer is already dependent on the product developer, this
provides a level of control that Jeff is looking for.

As a refinement to Jeff's suggestion, "control" in general is too strong a
word in this context. I suggest "influence" as more appropriate.


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