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Rol Fessenden (76234.3636@CompuServe.COM)
25 Sep 96 13:59:20 EDT

Replying to LO10113 --

Roxanne correctly challenged my statement that 90% of reward systems are
benign. Wrong, Rol, you dummy. The reward system is very important, and
too often rewards different people for achievements that are in conflict
with other people in their organization.

What I wish to throw out as a hypothesis is that the unofficial and
informal rewards are also very important. What I have seen in a number of
large organizations is that people in different departments -- all having
the same corporate reward system -- can have dramatically different senses
of job satisfaction. I attribute this to the departmental aura, and it
appears that this can outweigh the corporate reward system. What do
others think?

The other point I continue to make is that in surveys of what people would
like to make their jobs more satisfying, money, corner offices, windows,
and the other trappings of power do not rise to the top of the list. What
does this imply about what motivates?

I leave this as a homework assignment.


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