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Debbie Broome (debbieb@linux.plano.gov)
Wed, 25 Sep 1996 17:20:06 -0500

This is in response to Sherrie's post on Margaret Wheatly's discussion in
Boston. I changed the thread in hopes of getting a discussion going in
this area.

I will be attending that same program in Denver next week and can't wait.
Particularly after reading both "Leadership and the New Science" and am
now in the middle of a simpler way. While I am sure the concepts in
Boston and Denver will be the same, the discussion may take a somewhat
different turn. I believe the purpose of these discussions is to go around
the country and dialogue about these issues in the context of a larger

I would be interested in discussing the learning from these conferences (I
understand they are being done throughout the country). Also, I have
really been moved by Wheatly's concepts. They are beautiful and
empowering. I think the emphasis on relationships--understanding the
"and" in relationships is a wonderful concept. Her concept of viewing the
world from the framework of Quantum Physics versus Newtonian physics makes
so much sense. I've thought about how many times I've tried to make sense
out of organizational issues using the old cause and effect model. I have
been practicing looking at relationships, the "and" of issues, versue
means and ends and I have a whole new way of looking at problems. Almost
inside-out from before.

If anyone else has been struck by her work, I would hope we could start a
dialogue on this list. Thanks Sherrie for brining Wheatly's work up.



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