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W.M. Deijmann (winfried@universal.nl)
Wed, 25 Sep 1996 22:59:16 +0100

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Philip Spencer wrote:

>My solution has been to have two sets of cards; one with my official title
>for use with customers and other external parties where convention
>dictates its use but the other, mainly for internal use, has no title.
>This usually prompts the question "What do you do?" (not "what's your
>title"!!) which I can answer with a brief description rather than have the
>person make assumptions about "Manager, Service Quality" (The unspoken
>"Ut-oh! Another 'stupid label guy'" to paraphrase Dilbert)
>Incidentally, my favourite title on a business card was a colleague who
>was a pioneer "change agent" in our organisation (before we knew of such
>labels) who used "A sort-of co-ordinator". Unfortunately the protectors of
>the Corporate Image at Head Office eventually saw one and its continued
>use prevented... which says a lot about the culture of our organisation!

I like your solution Philip.

When I made the shift to consultancywork with no typical educational
consultant background at all, I struggled for about a year with the
qustion what I was and how I was supposed to introduce myself to clients
and colleagues. In my heart I didn't want to be labeled, but had the
assumption that one had to be something (Dr. Prof. bc. MBA and God knows
how many other titles there are) if one wanted to be accepted as an
appreciated "sparring"partner. So my buissinesscards went through many
metamorphoses. But I was never satisfied. In many situations I felt like
an underdog although there wasn't any reason for it. First when I realised
that clients wanted me for what I was as a person and for MY unique way of
dealing with problem and change and that hey learned from WHO I was and
not what I thought I was, my problem was solved. On my buissinesscards
you'll only find my full name and adress etc. When people ask me why this
is I answer that I never know in advance what is asked from me and that it
changes from day to day, from situation to situation. IF something had to
be added on the card it would be: STILL LEARNING.

greetings from colourfull autumn Holland,



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