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GSCHERL (GSCHERL@fed.ism.ca)
Wed, 25 Sep 96 13:37:00 EST

Replying to LO10134 --

Scott Simmerman observed:

> There are all sorts of "tricks" in organizations, most of which are
> already being used by top performers. And one will find that the
> poorer performers are continuing to use "tricks" that don't work
> nearly as well, but that's how they were trained and we know how
> "resistant" they can be to new learning (or, maybe it is a simple
> comunications and demonstration issue.).

Scott has some valid points....the top performers already know the
'tricks'. That's how they got to the top. They were using the round
wheels of their day. Over time, though, those wheels have become flat
but they insist on using the same wheels, instead of looking in the
wagon for new wheels and charing what's worked for them so well over
time. Meanwhile, the poorer and the new performers are trying the
'new wheels'.

Of course, if the top performers are in an LO, they are learning and
trying the 'new wheels' too!

Gary Scherling
Helping people help themselves


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