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Tue, 24 Sep 1996 18:50:11 -0400

Replying to LO9993
From: "Barry Mallis" <bmallis@mail.markem.com>
Date: 16 Sep 1996 11:27:57 U

Barry, you ask: "Is active listening an essential -- or THE essential --
element of dialogue?"

In my experience, listening is ONE essential element of dialogue. Inquiry
-- genuine, respectful, agenda-less inquiry -- is another. Advocacy --
being willing to put out my own assumptions, mental models, emotional
responses -- is another. Behind the scenes, so to speak, I find it
essential to hold myself open to others' inquiry, assuming that I'm making
assumptions and hoping they'll notice (if I don't) and help me discover
those assumptions. I also work at quieting the inner chatter of my
judgment and comparison and aim for a place of respectful thoughtfulness
from which to ask about others' assumptions or mental models.

Regards -- Prinny Anderson
Design for Learning



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