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Steven J Morris (SJMvideo@gnn.com)
Sun, 22 Sep 1996 23:45:45

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>>In Renewing American Civilization, Newt Gingrich commented
>>that without judgment you could not have civilization. To me that says
>>you cannot have a civilization without alienation.
>I don't understand the logic in this conclusion. Every time a decision is
>made a judgement is made. If someone did not conclude that it was better
>to farm than to hunt and gather I would be dependent upon my son to bring
>me food. (Too old to go chasing white tailed deer.)

I believe Richard's comment that the word 'judgement' has two different
meanings applies here. (I cut that comment out of the quote.)

As Robert Fritz points out in one of his books, (either "The Path of Least
Resistance," or "Creating.") Judgement is necessary to create. One takes
an action and then judges the result of that action in relation to the
desired result. You then take new actions in relation to that judgement.
Fritz goes on to say that often when people use the word judgement they
really mean PREjudgement. They have made up their mind about the issue
with out really seeing what is there. Their assumptions have flaws or
missing information in them.

Prejudging someone will produce alienation. Judging them and their
abilities can give them valuable feedback in situations where that is



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