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Sun, 22 Sep 96 20:14:33 EST

Replying to LO10049 --

Dear Bill,

Your definitions of LO, BPR and IT sounds fine to me. However, I
experience difficulty responding to your argument of linking all three.
This is mainly because I see LO and BPR are mind concepts, they are not
physical things out there that we can observe, so it is difficult for me
picture the need for them to co-exist or how it works in practice. As a
mind game, yes, but then we must remember mind concepts are highly
individual and situation dependent, so the need for BPR, LO and IT to be
linked really depends. I tend to see this as highly situation specific, to
the extent that practical implications can often only be considered in a
practical way, participants of the subject domain.

Majola Oosthuizen

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