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Sat, 21 Sep 1996 03:29:53

Replying to LO10062 --

I am not sure how the conversation on unlearning developed into one on
reward systems (I have been saving unlearning for more reflection and was
trying to decide what to do with this one)

I don't want to go into sematics about this quesiton of rewards but I
wondered in reading Rol's note if the term 'reward' system was perhaps
inappropriate for what he is describing. Bear with me on this one Rol but
what I think I hear you describing has the following elements:

* informality
* valued by people
* provides

* a challenging environment
* clear goals
* proper tools
* a collaborative environment
* a sincere thank-you for a job well done
* recognition (gratifying and unexpected)
* flexibility
* learning
* employability

I may be missing the point but the essence of this is that no formal
rewards system however cleverly constructed could ever do this....

I was wondering if this is because there is an underlying principle which
underpins any rewards system - namely that people need extrinsic

So rewards systems could be said to = systems of extrinsic motivation

Now I think what Rol is describing is something totally different and it
seems to be operating of the principles of intrinsic motivation. In
particular much of what he mentions would work at removing the barriers to
intrinsic motivation and releasing the full force of people's desire to
contribute their full potential and enjoy their work and the relationships
they have with people around them....

It strikes me that this is not a 'reward' system (even informal) - I am
not sure I have another name ..... I say so mainly because there is no
transaction - ie you do good work and you will get these things ..... but
you do good work because it is 'worth doing' and you can do it ...... not
because you gain these informal rewards...

It could go without a name but people would want to replace their formal
reward system *with* something so perhaps we could call it a...

thoughts anyone??


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