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Thu, 19 Sep 1996 23:26:01 -0700

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JC Howell wrote:

> When an organization is required (or decides) to go in a new direction,
> there is likely to be some cutting of jobs. This is because it has become
> so bureaucratic and has a lot of deadwood hanging around as well as
> functions that are inflated in order to sustain that bureaucracy.
> Additionally, there is likely to be a number of positions which are no
> longer needed due to changing demands in technical and other expertise as
> old technology is abandoned and new technology embraced.

I'm glad you said "there is likely to be some cutting of jobs," instead
of "there will be some cutting of jobs."

I think an important issue here is why a company _decides_ to go in a
new direction. Is it because their in trouble? Is it because they see
new opportunities?

Trouble can be avoided if companies constantly clarify, examine, and,
when needed, change their direction to achieve greater business results.
Jobs are more likely to get cut when a company is compelled to change


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