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Fri, 20 Sep 1996 14:36:05 -0400

Apologies for cross-posting. I'm throwing myself a coming-out party today.

My name is Mark Peal. I came here for the thoughts of people who are
students of management, leadership, and innovative ways of working, and
I'll try to repay in kind.

I work in the publishing division of the Massachusetts Medical Society,
publishers of The New England Journal of Medicine and other titles. I'm
the Director for Improved Productivity (as a formal title, "Corporate
Kibbitzer" didn't fly). I prowl the organization to identify opportunities
to influence individual and group effectiveness. I never know what I'll be
doing six months down the road, but it's almost always fun. Recently, I
led the launch of a reorganization of our graphics production group into
teams oriented around in-house clients, which has spawned similar moves in
other areas of the organization. Right now, I'm looking at how we might
develop a unified strategy for staff and management training. It's all
internally focused work, and it's important to pollinate it with outside

Mark Peal
Massachusetts Medical Society, Waltham, Mass., USA
"We're all chunks in the same chowder."


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