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>I am working with an organisation which is trying to maintain a
>significant organisational change process whilst simultaneously planning
>significant staff reductions (which have been forced on to them). I am
>trying to find examples of organisations which have been able to manage
>these apparently contradictory objectives successfully. I would be
>grateful if people could provide me with references to case studies or
>research material, especially if it is well-documented.

I don't think it has been well documented as a classic 'case study' but
the organisation I worked for between 1990 and 1993 [BP Exploration] in
that time [and after] lost soemthing approaching 50% of its staff and
doubled or more its return. I believe - only on the anecdotal evidence of
conversations with former colleagues - both those who stayed and those who
didn't - that the change process continued. The company was very different
at the end and most would say better.

I do not want to start a mini-case study here, merely to record the fact
that it happened. I can try to answer specific questions if you have them.

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